52 Dates: A Relationship With Me, Myself & I (Date #6)

After I was sick, the symptoms lingered and my energy was slow to come back. And you know me… I didn’t let that stop me from keeping a full schedule, maybe a little too full with everything I have going on and everything I have just started… 

One day rolled into the next and I realized I was present, but feeling like I was missing something. I had to skip my date last week and started to feel cranky and stressed. This is one of the reasons I’m doing the 52 Dates this year is to break up with my old patterns that no longer serve me. Taking the time to look at my life, and look back at the patterns that I have had as an adult, and I see that I have always been busy with my plate too full and no time to eat it all! Yet, somehow I always make it through!

I took out my calendar and made time for today’s date #6 and scheduled something I have never tried before…

Date #6: Belated Birthday Burger & Float Spa

I’ve had a free coupon from Ruby Tuesday’s from my birthday last month that I needed to use before it expired, and I felt like a good burger and fries (tough choice because I also really love their salad bar and brown croutons!), both are great! I sat alone at the bar and had a strawberry lemonade with cherry juice, my usual, and while I was waiting I saw my uncles come in to eat! How random, I love coincidences! I went over to say hi and back to the bar for my food.

Cost: $3.99 lemonade + 1 Free Birthday Burger + $ 49 Float Spa on Groupon RunningTotal: $259.15 Average: $43.19 per date

Front Desk Fish Tank & Crystals

If it’s your first time, True REST Float Spa in Las Vegas requires you to be there 30 minutes early. How to describe this… after I took off my shoes and put on their spa shoes, it then started off almost like waiting for a ride at Disneyland. The other participants and myself were put into this little room with a big screen and a few chairs side-by-side. The short video was very informative and funny, as it explained the numerous benefits, what to expect, what to avoid, and what to do.

Just a few benefits & facts.

We were then taken to a waiting room with an oxygen bar($10extra with my package but included in other packages), lots of beautiful crystals, and hot lemongrass tea. I picked up a book about floating and flipped through, finding tips like counting down from 100 to clear the mind… I had no idea what to expect.

The Flavored Oxygen Bar.

When she was ready, the girl escorted us back to float room number one where she showed us the layout. She explained what to do, and then left one person in each room.

My Suite.

The room was equipped with a shower, the spa pod, a bench, towel, and earplugs that were like wax, and very different.

My Spa Pod.
In My Spa Pod Room… Alone!

We were told to put the ear plugs in first, then have a shower, then open the pod and get in. It was recommended to go in naked, and I recommend it as well. They had nice music playing, which I ended up turning off after what could have been 10 or 20 minutes. The strangest feeling was not knowing how much time had passed, in a blue lit pod.. especially after I turned off the music. I tried counting down from 100, got to about 88 and then realized my mind had wondered. I tried counting down a second time, and realized at about 85 something I didn’t know about myself: I’d rather think my thoughts or clear my mind than count!

I smiled. I floated. I wiggled around. I got an itch on my nose. I tried not to have it itch. I tried not to scratch. I relaxed. I wiggled. My back relaxed, and my neck tensed up with the support of nothing but saltwater! There was a neck pillow and I used it towards the end. During the experience I thought about coming back, I thought about how good I felt, I was really present in my body, how different it felt on the salty water, and how the salty water felt on my skin. I really needed this one and I am seriously considering a membership in the future to go regularly and rep the benefits! So if the idea of closing yourself in a pod doesn’t bother you, then it is something I’d say you should try! For anybody that likes water, and loves alternative healing methods, I think you would love this!

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Reflection: I see now in such a short, quick 6 weeks how I am benefiting from this attention and self love, so much that I feel bad when I am forgotten by myself. I am determined to make this life the best I can for myself and that way I can best help others to do the same!


Copyright @BarbaraADreyer

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